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Teenager'S Room

Playmobil - DollhouseCatalogue Number: 43386

Come home and spend time in the Teenager’s Room Sit at the desk to work on your homework or relax on the sofa Once you are ready to go to sleep, the sofa can be used as a bed by removing the large sofa cushions


  • Figures: 1x girl Accessories: 1x sofa bed, 2x sofa cushions, 2x pillows, 1x fabric blanket, 1x desk, 1x swivel chair, 1x shelf cube, 1x table lamp, 1x carpet, 1x basket, 1x paper pad, 1x school bag, 1x alarm clock, 1x book bundle, 1x book, 1x mirror, 1x hairbrush, 1x winner's trophy, 1x scissors, 1x teddy bear, 1x pair of bath slippers, 1x set of writing and painting accessories, 1x MP3 player