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Family Kitchen

Playmobil - DollhouseCatalogue Number: 43383

Whip up a tasty treat in the Family Kitchen Gather all the ingredients from the fridge, stir the batter in the mixer, and then place in the oven to bake Easily load the dishwasher for cleanup afterwards


  • Figures: 1x woman, 1x boy Animals: 1x kitten Accessories: 1x free-standing refrigerator, 1x kitchenette with sink and dishwasher, 1x dishwasher insert, 1x oven with cooker, 1x baking tray, 1x wall unit, 1x kitchen counter, 4x kitchen stools, 1x high chair, 1x food processor with mixing bowl and changeable utensils (dough hook and whisk), 1x coffee machine, 1x blender, 1x toaster, 2x toast slices, 1x juice carton, 1x milk carton, 1x cookie carton 1x flour bag, 1x tube, 3x preserving jars, 1x tin can, 1x sardine tin, 3x ice cream packs, 1x baby spoon, 4x plates, 4x glasses, 1x cutting board, 4x spoons, 4x forks, 4x knives, 1x set of kitchen aids (4 pieces), 1x coffee pot, 4x cups, 1x roaster with lid, 1x top with lid, 2x pans, 1x saucepan, 1x chicken, 1x sausage, 1x cake, 1x egg box, 1x fishbone, 1x feeding dish, 1x skirt (2-part)
Family KitchenFamily KitchenFamily KitchenFamily KitchenFamily KitchenFamily KitchenFamily Kitchen
Family Kitchen