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Playmobil - DollhouseCatalogue Number: 43525

Put the baby down for a nap in the Nursery Watch as Grandma lovingly rocks the baby in the rocking chair and sings her lullabies before putting her to sleep in the crib Once awake, the baby can be changed on the changing table and play with the toys on the rug


  • Figures: 1x woman, 1x baby Accessories: 1x baby cot, 1x cloth blanket, 1x changing unit with play bow, 1x floor lamp, 1x rocking chair, 1x carpet, 1x trash can, 1x potty, 1x motoric toy, 1x standing figure, 1x teddy bear, 1x baby bib, 1x baby bottle, 2x glasses, 1x cosmetic bottle, 1x tube, 2x sets of baby toys (2-part)