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Bathroom with Tub

Playmobil - DollhouseCatalogue Number: 43388

Get ready for the day in the Bathroom with Tub Whether you want a shower or bath you will find it in this bathroom It even includes towels and a rubber duck for bath time fun Set includes one figure large sink with mirror and storage toilet bathtub oval rug stool hairdryer toothbrush toothpaste plant and other accessories Recommended for ages four years and up


  • Figures: 1x man Accessories: 1x washbasin with basin and mirror, 1x bathtub, 1x toilet with toilet paper holder and toilet brush, 1x children's toilet seat, 1x stool, 2x baskets, 1x carpet, 1x lipstick, 1x mascara, 1x powder brush, 1x comb, 1x hairbrush, 2x cups, 2x tubes, 2x toothbrushes, 1x spray bottle, 1x bottle, 1x scissors, 2x cosmetic bottles, 1x hairdryer, 1x razor, 1x pair of scales, 1x bath towel, 1x bath duck, 2x towels, 1x sponge, 1x pair of bath slippers
Bathroom with TubBathroom with TubBathroom with TubBathroom with TubBathroom with Tub
Bathroom with Tub