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Gigantosaurus - Multi Figure Pk

GigantosaurusCatalogue Number: 70576Gigantosaurus is the biggest, loudest dinosaur in the land!
He might look scary, but deep down he is always looking after
the four little dinosaur friends who are always in awe of him.
Four curious young dinosaurs named Rocky, Bill, Tiny, and Mazu
go on adventures while following their herd.

Rocky is the courageous one, Bill is the most timid,
Tiny is the smallest yet most playful, and Mazu is the most inquisitive.
The four friends look at things such as mapping the stars
and searching for flowers but most importantly, they are asserting
their independence and learning to do things away from the safety of the herd.

Includes all 5 main characters:
Maze, Bill, Tiny and Rocky, Giganto

Create your own Gigantosaurus adventures with this complete figure set. Articulated characters range from 2.5-5.5 inches.
For ages 3+
Gigantosaurus - Multi Figure PkGigantosaurus - Multi Figure PkGigantosaurus - Multi Figure Pk
Gigantosaurus - Multi Figure Pk