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Let your young one be a teacher, mother, doctor or babysitter while playing with her Baby Born. This allows a child to understand how to feed, change and take care after a baby which will help them indirectly when they are eating or need to go to the bathroom. Having a Baby Born whom eats, cries, sleeps and uses diapers is a lot of fun for a young one who wants the opportunity to also be a mother.

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Baby Born soft touch doll
6 March 2019

Baby Born soft touch doll

Playing with dolls remains one of the most popular leisure activities for girls aged four to five. This is one of the key reasons that the Baby born brand continues to innovate and launch new products into the market, thus maintaining a legacy of creating toys that are great play companions.

BABY born<sup>®</sup> - the perfect friend for your little girl
7 September 2018

BABY born® - the perfect friend for your little girl

The BABY born® range continues to expand with exciting products and themes. With accessories ranging from prams, cots and themed playsets there is something for every child’s interests and hobbies.

How Play Fosters Your Child
31 July 2017

How Play Fosters Your Child's Development

Anyone would be forgiven for viewing toys as simply special occasion gifts that offer a temporary distraction for our children, or as objects that entertain our little ones while we busy ourselves with other grown up duties. Yet beyond this, toys open up a whole world of learning opportunities for...
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