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Treasure Diver Gift Set

Playmobil - Family FunCatalogue Number: 43949

In the beautiful reef treasure diver finds a mysterious treasure chest. There are many secrets to discover at the bottom of the sea. The treasure diver would love to find a valuable treasure. What might be in the big chest? Baby dolphin, sea turtle and seahorse also swim curiously towards it. The great PLAYMOBIL gift sets in decorative boxes can be individually labelled with names and save on wrapping paper.

  • Figures: 1x woman
  • Animals: 1x baby dolphin, 1x turtle, 2x baby turtles, 2x fish, 2x seahorses, 1x starfish
  • Accessories: 2x necklaces, 3x crowns, 1x treasure chest, 2x diving fins, 1x diving goggles, 1x snorkel, 1x treasure, 1x coral reef, 1x seaweed forest, 1x clock
Treasure Diver Gift SetTreasure Diver Gift SetTreasure Diver Gift Set
Treasure Diver Gift Set