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Family Camper

Playmobil - Family FunCatalogue Number: 43605

Camping meets luxury in this well-equipped Family Camper. The camper has got absolutely everything: it has a kitchenette, mini-bath and sleeping areas. When the family arrives, they pack out the table, chairs and grill, and the bicycle is fetched for the child from the bike rack. While he is riding his bike, Mum sets the table and Dad looks after the barbeque. This is going to be a wonderful family holiday! Motorhome in a class of its own: the roof and side wall of the camper can be removed for even more fun. Inside the vehicle there are rotating seats and the table can be converted into a lying surface.


  • Figures: 1x man, 1x woman, 1x boy Accessories: 1x mobile home, 1x green strip with electric box and flowers, 4x spoons, 4x knives, 4x forks, 4x plates, 4x cups, 1x map, 2x tins, 1x juice bag, 1x camping table, 4x camping chairs, 1x pan, 1x pot, 1x double mattress, 1x mountain bike large, 1x mountain bike small, 1x teddy bear, 1x bicycle helmet, 1x ball grill with lid, 1x grill tongs, 1x grill meat, 1x towel, 1x sun cream
Family CamperFamily Camper
Family Camper