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Large Hospital

Playmobil - City LifeCatalogue Number: 43367

The medical team is ready to handle any emergency at the Large Hospital Upon arrival, check in at the front desk before heading in for any procedure The operating room is equipped with an illuminated wall monitor, swiveling surgical light and exam table so doctors can diagnose and treat patients


  • Figures: 1x doctor, 1x nurse, 1x man, 1x woman Animals: none Accessories: 1x hospital building with elevator, 1x swiveling OR light, 1x illuminated OR monitor, 1x mobile container for OR cutlery, 1x treatment couch, 1x monitoring monitor, 1x mobile infusion stand, 2x infusions with tube, 2x infusion tubes, 1x infusion access, 1x mouthguard, 2x doctor's cases, 1x set of OR cutlery, 1x stethoscope, 1x reflex hammer, 1x microscope, 1x test tube rack, 3x small screw tubes, 2x large screw tubes, 1x tube of ointment, 1x clipboard, 2 x-ray images, 2x slots for illuminated monitor, 2x patient information, 1x sticker sheet with plaster and bandage labels, 2x hospital beds, 1x patient TV, 1x wash basin, 1x washstand with toilet, 2x crutches, 1x towel, 3x cosmetic bottles, 2x pairs of patient shoes, 1x tissue box, 1x lunch box, 1x hairbrush, 2x toothbrushes, 2x packs of gauze bandages, 1x alarm clock, 2x chairs, 1x scoreboard, 1x drinks dispenser with 4x drinks bottles, 2x planters with plants, 1x flower pot with flowers, 2x waste bins, 1x storage basket, 1x storage box, 1x stool, 1x laptop, 2x drink cups, 5x folders, 1x desk lamp, 1x espresso machine, 1x cordless phone, 1x vase with flowers, 1x bag, 4x plates, 4x cups, 2x spoons, 1x apple, 3x medicine boxes, 3x magazines, 1x fire extinguisher, 1x book, 1x syringe
Large HospitalLarge Hospital
Large Hospital