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Playmobil - City LifeCatalogue Number: 42381

Fully equipped with fridge, oven and dishwasher. The high-tech hob includes two ceramic hobs and there's lots of space in the sideboard for the included kitchen utensils. Toaster, mixer and espresso machine, and many other accessories add to the fun. Each of the parts can be placed anywhere


  • Figures: 1x mother, 1x father, 1x baby; Accessories: 1x kitchen unit, 1x cooking island, 1x sideboard, 1x high chair, 3x chairs, 1x espresso machine, 1x blender, 1x toaster, 4x wire baskets, 1x cutlery tray for the dishwasher, 1x sheet cake, 2x roasters, 2x pots, 1x pan, 1x basket, 1x wooden bowl, 2x waste bins, 1x portable child seat, 1x baguette, 1x cabbage, 1x ham, 1x egg box, 2x plates, 2x soup plates, 4x cups, 1 xjug, 4x long drink glasses, 2x bottles, 1x flour carton, 1x milk carton, 1x juice carton, 3x apples, 2x sardines, 2x toast slices, 1x tube, 2x tins, 2x jam jars, 4x knives, 4x forks, 4x spoons