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Furnished Hospital Wing

Playmobil - City LifeCatalogue Number: 43368

Need some time to recover? No problem - patients can rest up in the Furnished Hospital Wing and take some time to heal Check vitals, administer medications, and receive visitors in this open hospital section Trained medical staff work around the clock to make sure their patients are taken care of


  • Figures: 1x doctor, 1x nurse, 1x man, 1x woman Animals: none Accessories: 1x hospital building with mailbox, 2x hospital beds, 1x monitoring monitor, 1x patient wash basin, 1x operating theatre wash basin, 2x chairs, 1x office chair, 1x swivelling operating theatre lamp, 1x treatment couch, 1x illuminated operating theatre monitor, 1x infusion with tube, 2x infusion tubes, 1x infusion access, 2x mouthguards, 1x arm cuff, 1x waste bin, 1x storage basket, 3x storage boxes, 2x doctor's cases, 1x set of surgical instruments, 1x syringe, 1x stethoscope, 1x reflex hammer, 1x microscope, 1x test tube stand, 2x screw tubes, 3x clipboards, 2x inserts for monitor, 1x sticker sheet with plaster and bandage labels, 1x crutch, 1x towel, 1x tube, 1x cosmetic bottle, 1x hairbrush, 1x comb, 2x toothbrushes, 2x pairs of patient shoes, 2x juice packs, 6x folders, 1x laptop, 1x cordless phone, 1x flower vase, 1x flower pot, 2x books, 2x bags, 1x plate, 1x spoon, 1x apple, 1x small screw box, 3x magazines, 1x water bottle, 1 bottle, 2x sets of recovery cards
Furnished Hospital WingFurnished Hospital Wing
Furnished Hospital Wing