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Swat Truck

Playmobil - City ActionCatalogue Number: 43099Attention, attention all units: a suspect is on the run!". Immediately, the SWAT officers start their truck with lights and sound and set off. With their SWAT Truck, they coordinate all the emergency services on water, on land and in the air. Quickly switch on the siren and then the journey can begin. The crook flees over rough terrain, but that's no problem for the SWAT Truck with its movable double axle. The gangster has no chance against this special police force! Cool sound options: you can switch between two siren sounds.



3x SWAT policemen;

1x SWAT truck, 1x satellite mast with satellite dish, 1x antenna, 1x shield, 1x fire axe, 3x pistols, 3x pistol holsters, 2x rapid-fire rifles, 1x pair of handcuffs, 1xx video camera, 1x megaphone, 1x balaclava, 1x helmet with visor, 1x headset, 1x pair of arm cuffs

(1 x AAA battery required).
Swat TruckSwat TruckSwat TruckSwat TruckSwat TruckSwat TruckSwat Truck
Swat Truck