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Police Prison Escape

Playmobil - City ActionCatalogue Number: 43592

Today it seems to be quiet in the police station. But appearances are deceptive. Suddenly, strange noises come from the prison cell. The prisoner has escaped through the barred window. Quickly the policewoman reaches for the radio and informs her colleague. The policeman immediately takes up pursuit on the motorcycle. After a short time the crook is arrested and taken back to his cell in handcuffs. Now the policemen first allow themselves a cup of coffee. The playset contains three PLAYMOBIL figures, a police station with a prison cell and workstation, shelves and espresso machine, a police motorcycle and many other extras for exciting action police adventures.

  • Figures: 2x policemen, 1x villain;
  • Animals: 1x mouse;
  • Accessories: 1x prison cell with anteroom and satellite system, 1x bunk bed, 1x emergency call desk, 1x motorcycle, 1x chair, 1x stool, 1x fire extinguisher, 1x radio, 1x camera, 1x coffee maker, 2x shelves (yellow), 2x cups, 2x batons, 2x pairs of handcuffs, 2x guns, 1x flashlight, 2x pistols, 1x whistle, 1x plate with spoon, 1x holster, 1x radio, 1x bunch of key
Police Prison EscapePolice Prison EscapePolice Prison EscapePolice Prison EscapePolice Prison EscapePolice Prison EscapePolice Prison Escape
Police Prison Escape