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Forklift with Freight

Playmobil - City ActionCatalogue Number: 43734

To load pallets and smaller freight, the dockworkers use the maneuverable forklift. The driver is picking up a pallet with paint buckets and tons, to transport it to the freight storage. Carefully, he picks up the pallet with the lifting forks and moves it up a bit before continuing the journey. But what is happening? Apparently the lifting carriage was not properly engaged, the paint buckets start to wobble and the paint spills onto the floor. Oh no! Well, that was not a successful transport! The playset contains two PLAYMOBIL figures, a forklift, two paint buckets, two tons, paint splashes, a broom and many other extras. The forks of the forklift can be moved sideways and thus adapted to the appropriate load.

  • 1x Playmobil Forklit Figure Pack with Accessories
Forklift with FreightForklift with FreightForklift with Freight
Forklift with Freight