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LeapFrog Count Along Register

LeapFrogBuy NowCatalogue Number: 41399

Ring up counting skills and pretend play fun with the LeapFrog Count Along Cash Register. Little shoppers ages 2 years and up have big fun in store with a two-piece set that talks, sings & counts. Add counting to the cart along and aisles of imaginative role play with a spunky, singing register pal that comes to life with cool songs and fun phrases. Little shoppers can run their own store for the very first time from the moment their register pal powers on with an "open for business!" Eight yummy pretend play food items correspond with matching buttons on the register's touch screen. Press a button to hear the name and color of the food and shop 'til you bop with a matching verse of a shopping song. Listen to the crunch of egg shells followed by, "Oops! Guess we'll make an omelette!" Press the number buttons 1-10 to hear the numbers and a counting song.


Open for business
Counting and imaginative role play combine with a register pal that comes to life with 50+ fun phrases and educational songs.

Play with a friend
Set up your store! Place food items on a table or shelves, give your customers their coins, and invite them on a shopping spree!

Ring up counting skills
Spunky, singing register has plenty of numbers, counting and role play skills in store.

20 checkout items
Shop for milk and eggs. Scan the carrots. Insert the correct amount of coins or swipe a shopping card!

What's Inside:

  • 1x Till
  • 8x Colourful food pieces
  • 10x Coins
  • 1x Shopping card
LeapFrog Count Along RegisterLeapFrog Count Along Register
LeapFrog Count Along Register