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Lite Brite Ultimate Classic

Lite-BriteCatalogue Number: 88343Create beautiful pictures with... light!
It’s just like you remember, but better than ever! Lite-Brite lets you create art with light using design templates and bright, colorful pegs - then lights it up like a neon sign. Enjoy creating beautiful light art with retro favorites like the Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic and Lite-Brite Retro Deluxe or enjoy a whole new experience with the ALL-NEW, MEGA-SIZED Lite-Brite Wall Art Pop Wow! Edition (great for displaying on your desk, tabletop, or as a work-from-home backdrop)! Each Lite-Brite comes with updated features like battery-powered LED lights that last for years and generate little to no heat! No more power cords or hot incandescent light bulbs that burn out! All Lite-Brite toys include pegs and design templates to get you started.
Lite Brite Ultimate Classic. The Classic activity combining peg art with light. Easy and fun for all ages, follow the pre-designed pattern or create your own bright & colourful masterpieces, to create beautiful pictures that glow! Creates 4 different light shows to enhance your art – from blinking, pulsing, steady and random. Built for travelling, this is a perfect take along for any car ride, road trip or out of the house activity needs. Comes with over 200 round pegs in white, yellow, blue, pink, orange and green, 6 templates to follow on the tablet and an Art Guide with more pictures to follow.

Design Templates: The set includes 6 design templates featuring a unicorn, elephant, dune buggy, flowers, a ship on the sea, and a mountain scene. These templates serve as a starting point for creating colorful masterpieces.
Pegs: You’ll find a total of 214 round pegs in various colors: white, yellow, blue, pink, orange, and green. These pegs allow you to create intricate designs on the Lite Brite board.
Light Shows: The Lite Brite Ultimate Classic offers four different light shows: blinking, pulsing, steady, and random. Imagine your artwork coming to life with these dynamic light patterns!
Secure Peg Placement: The pegs stay securely in place, even if you accidentally knock the board over. No worries about your creations falling apart!
Battery-Powered LED Lights: The updated version features battery-powered LED lights that last for years and generate little to no heat. Say goodbye to power cords and incandescent bulbs that burn out!
Portable and Travel-Friendly: Built for travel, this Lite Brite is perfect for car rides or road trips. Keep your little artist entertained wherever you go.

Includes: 1x Lite Brite Ultimate Classic
Lite Brite Ultimate ClassicLite Brite Ultimate ClassicLite Brite Ultimate ClassicLite Brite Ultimate ClassicLite Brite Ultimate Classic
Lite Brite Ultimate Classic

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