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Leapfrog Junior Globe

LeapFrogCatalogue Number: 42859

Spin the globe and see the lights as you learn! 48 touch sensitive landmarks and graphics teach about interesting places across the globe. There are 3 modes of play where you can explore the globe, hear world music and play a fun quiz finding various landmarks or animals based on descriptions.  Press the four different category buttons to hear fun learning songs about greetings, animals, countries and continents. Intended for ages 3+. New batteries recommended for regular use.

  • 48 C-Touch Points on the globe for animals, landmarks, and “emails” from different regions
  • Spin - Manually spin the globe to see light play
  • 3 Mode Switch (Mode changes response of C-touches on globe)
  • Explore Mode: Touch any animals to learn about where they’re from and hear their sounds. Touch email icons to hear emails from new friends.
  • Music Mode: Background music begins, touch animals to add sfx
  • Game Mode: Search & Find! Look for an animal based on colours or sounds
  • 4 Learning Buttons to learn different fun facts related to different countries (each button’s responses are the same no matter what mode is selected)
  • Animals icon – touch to hear animal facts
  • Landmarks icon – touch to hear landmark facts
  • Greetings icon – touch to hear greetings in different languages
  • Food icon – touch to hear about different foods
  • Learn: Country Names, Greeting words, Landmarks, Animals, Food & Music
  • 1x Leapfog Jnr Globe
Leapfrog Junior GlobeLeapfrog Junior GlobeLeapfrog Junior GlobeLeapfrog Junior Globe
Leapfrog Junior Globe