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Kindi Kids Mini 3 Pack Dolls

Kindi KidsBuy NowCatalogue Number: 27835

Yay! Let’s Play… Mini! Welcome to the Wonderful Lil’ World of Kindi Kids Minis! These Kids are still BIG in cuteness but have been made Mini! This exclusive Kindi Kids Minis Rainbow Besties Pack contains 3 cute Kindi Kids Minis - Marsha Mello, Summer Peaches & Rainbow Kate! these three friends are ready to take you on some wild imaginary adventures! Still full of Bobbly-Wobbly fun, these fab Kindi Kid Minis come to life in the palm of your hand as their little heads move about! Pop them into your pocket or take the whole squad in your backpack because these fun filled girls are the perfect size for a take-anywhere playdate. The Kindi Kids Minis of Marsha Mello, Summer Peaches & Rainbow Kate all have the same big glittery eyes and colorful hair just like their larger versions! Plus their head arms and legs are all posable! Stand them, sit them and collect them all. The Rainbow Besties pack also includes a Kindi Kids Minis Collector's Guide. Keep a look out for all the other adorable Kindi Kids Minis that are available! Build up their Mini World with new fun accessories and vehicles. With these adorable little toys, girls will discover how much fun can fit into the smallest places!

  • Kindi Kids are now Mini! Your favorite Kindi Kids now come in a cute mini Size that you can take anywhere!
  • The Rainbow Besties Pack Includes Mystabella, Berri D'Lish, and Pearlina
  • There's 6 Kindi Kids Minis from Rainbow Kindi - Collect them all!
  • Adorable Bobble Head Figurines with posable arms and legs!
  • Kindi Kids Minis all have Big Glittery Eyes!
What's Inside:
  • 3x Bobble Dolls
  • 1 x Collectors Guide
Kindi Kids Mini 3 Pack DollsKindi Kids Mini 3 Pack DollsKindi Kids Mini 3 Pack Dolls
Kindi Kids Mini 3 Pack Dolls