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Bum Bumz 19Cm Springbumz Asstd Plush In Cdu

Bum BumzCatalogue Number: 87306Bum Bumz plush are delightful collectible toys that measure 19 centimeters in size. These cuddly companions are made from super soft, fuzzy materials and feature a unique twist: they have a BUM filled with beans for sensory and fidget play! Bum Bumz plush are all about fun, softness, and sensory play. So go ahead, squeeze that bean-filled BUM and enjoy the whimsical world of Bum Bumz! 

SPRINGBUMZ - For a growing good time, join Carson and friends of the SpringBumz series
6 STYLES TO COLLECT - There are 6 SpringBumz plush to collect and more unique BumBumz to come
FROM HARD-BOILED EGGS TO WATERING CANS - Anything in the world can become a BumBumz
SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE - BumBumz are as unique and diverse as the people who collect them
SENSORY AND TACTILE - Once you pick them up, you can’t put these beanbag cuties down
UNIQUE ICONS - Each Bum Bumz plush belongs to a specific series, and they proudly display a unique icon on their woven label. Whether you’re into rock music, football, or food, there’s a Bum Bumz for every interest.
HOLOGRAPHIC CHARACTER STICKER - To add a touch of magic, these plush toys come with a collectible holographic character sticker attached to their tag.
AASSORTED CHARACTERD - The Bum Bumz line includes a variety of characters, making them perfect for collectors. From retro rockers to veggie aficionados, there’s a Bum Bumz waiting to be your new friend!

Includes: 1x Bum Bumz Plush with Holographic Sticker
Bum Bumz 19Cm Springbumz Asstd Plush In Cdu