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Akedo Starter Pack - Season 3

AkedoCatalogue Number: 70636

Prepare for battle with Legends of Akedo Powerstorm Official Rules Starter Pack. This special pack gives you all you need to play the official tournament rules of Akedo. Train your Warriors to be their best and practice using the bonus training piece. It's perfect for getting your Warriors match ready as they perfect the ultimate Split Strike. This Starter Pack includes three Arcade Warriors: One of which is a Legendary Warrior with a realistic kicking or punching action who can deliver a Split Strike with their powerful blow. Place your Warriors on your Exclusive Joystick Controller that only comes in this pack and train your team for next level battling action!

  • Real Battle Action: Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors deliver REAL Battling Action with Next Level intensity! Place them onto their Battle Controllers and challenge your friends to a fast and furious fight! Use your Battle Controller to perform fighting moves with speed and skill. Use your Warrior's awesome weapons to finish the battle with a Split Strike and split your opponent apart! Do your Warriors have what it takes to become legends of Akedo?
  • Mini Battling Warriors: Series 3 of the World of Akedo has 42 all-new epic Mini Battling Warrior toys for you to collect and fight with. There are so many highly detailed, awesome Warriors to find with different fighting styles plus different weapons. Akedo Warrior Warriors can be found a range of Akedo Packs. From Single Packs, Versus Packs with 2 Warriors and Controllers, Starter Packs with 3 Warriors, Battle Controller and Training Piece and Fighter Packs with 4 Warriors. You can also find Exclusive Battling Warriors in different Akedo Playsets! All Warriors can attach to your Battle Controller so you can battle against your friends to become the Ultimate Arcade Warrior!
  • Fight With Elemental Powers: It's all about Elemental power and how you use it with Legends of Akedo Powerstorm! Each Warrior has a Power connected to an element. Fight with Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth, Light and Shadow!
  • Use their Elemental Attack Abilities to increase their Damage Points. Or use their Elemental Boost Abilities to boot their Health Points!
  • Strike And Fight With Different Warriors.
  • There are different categories of Warriors to find and battle with! Look out for Classic Warriors with single Weapons, Epic Warriors who carry and battle with two Weapons, Ultra Rare Warriors, Legendary Warriors with their awesome real punching and kicking action, and Power Strikers with huge fists and some with four arms! Maybe you will be lucky enough to find the Limited Edition Lord Shifta. He has the power of four Elements!
  • Rule Book And Collector's Guide.
  • Each Pack come with the Official Legends of Akedo Powerstorm Rule Book. The Rule Book covers: The Basic Game Rules, Official Rules, Giant Rules and Elemental Powerstorm Rules. On the other side of the Rules you will find the Official Collector's Guide so you can mark off your Warriors as you collect them.
  • 3x Akedo Warriors
  • 1x Battle Controller (Exclusive Joystick Controller)
  • 1x Training Equipment
  • 1x Instruction Manual
Akedo Starter Pack - Season 3Akedo Starter Pack - Season 3Akedo Starter Pack - Season 3Akedo Starter Pack - Season 3Akedo Starter Pack - Season 3Akedo Starter Pack - Season 3Akedo Starter Pack - Season 3Akedo Starter Pack - Season 3Akedo Starter Pack - Season 3Akedo Starter Pack - Season 3
Akedo Starter Pack - Season 3