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Something TOP SECRET is going on in Shopville with Shopkins Lil Secrets

Something top secret is going on in shopville. But we’re excited to let the cat, or in this case, the Shopkins out of the bag. There are new Shopkins in town and they’re called Lil Secrets. Shopkins Lil' Secrets is the world of Shopville that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

The Shopkins universe has collected a following of adoring fans all over the world and South Africa is no exception. Now with the Lil Secrets there is a whole new world to unlock, explore and play with. Fans have grown to adore the Shoppies and now, to give these dolls their very own doll to play with, Shopkins have created the Lil Secrets Teeny Shoppies. The Teeny Shoppies fit inside the Lil Secrets locket. Open the locket and the teeny Shoppie has her very own tiny Shopkins and playset to play in. With the introduction of Lil Secrets, everyone gets to play!

“Like the rest of the Shopkins ranges, the Lil Secrets are colourful, imaginative and filled with fun characters. They are also collectibles which means that they are the perfect pocket money purchase. Over the years the Shopkins range has grown to the delight of children who enjoy and appreciate the collectible factor. The Lil Secrets range opens up a brand new miniature world for children to explore and become immersed in. We predict that this range will become a firm favourite with fans,” says Chiquita Patrizi of Prima Toys.

Join the Shoppies, Teeny Shoppies and Tiny Shopkins in the Lil Secrets world because there will be hours of fun for everyone! Below is an outline of the product range:

Shopkins Lil Secrets 2 Pack Locket

Explore your Secret Lock with your Teeny Shoppie and discover a Tiny Shopkin inside! Each adorable locket opens up to reveal a tiny shop scene for you to play and display. Wear your locket so you can take it with you wherever you go! Collect them all!


Unlock a world of tiny surprises! Use your secret map that comes with the lock to help crack the code and open your lock! Explore, and find secrets to adore with Teeny Shoppie and Tiny Shopkins! Discover surprises galore and secret places to play!


This 2 in 1 playset opens up to reveal a tiny bedroom of secrets to play in! Hidden away is a Deluxe Secret Bedroom for your Teeny Rainbow Kate Shoppie to play in. Comes with Rainbow Kate Shoppie doll, Teeny Rainbow Kate Shoppie and one tiny Shopkin.


Look out for the Lil Secrets Range at toy stores and retailers.



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