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LOL Surprise - new ranges launched!

Since launching in 2016 L.O.L. Surprise have gained numerous fans all over the world, and with good reason. They are cute, collectible and have the unwrapping factor which makes each and every doll so exciting!

Children love unwrapping gifts, whether it’s for their birthday or as a Festive Season spoil, and often, it is as much about the beautiful wrapping paper and ribbon as it is about the gift inside. This is part of what makes the L.O.L. Surprise ranges so special and unique – it is about the unwrapping as well as the surprise.

Chiquita Patrizi, spokesperson for Prima Toys is pleased to be bringing a series of new ranges to South African toy shelves. “We are very excited to be bringing new and exciting L.O.L. dolls and accessories to fans. The new ranges are packed with unwrapping fun and fashion appeal! We know that fans, both old and new, are going to enjoy them,” she says.

So, what’s in store for fans?

Just in time for Winter fun, fans can look out for the L.O.L. Surprise Bling series which features some of the favourite series 2 dolls dressed with tinsel glitter finishes from head to toe. The L.O.L. Surprise Bling series takes the collectible element up a notch because not only does the ball contain the surprise inside, it can be hung up as an ornament. String the balls up in your bedroom for bling decoration or keep them for the Christmas tree, but whatever you do enjoy the surprise and the goodies inside!

The second wave of L.O.L Surprise Eye Spy Series Under Wraps are also on shelf. Look out for the darker pink packaging and discover new dolls inside, complete with new, funkier hairstyles and even cuter outfits! Each doll is dressed in a mystery disguise so kids get to unbox each layer to discover who’s inside. The disguise can be used as a fashion accessory and outfits can be mixed and matched for lots of new looks.  

The L.O.L. Surprise Lil Sisters are even more #fashionista than before with trendy accessories ranging from bags and sunglasses to skateboards and tablets. These toys offer 5 layers of surprise and each layer unveils a hint of which L.O.L. Lil Sisters doll is hidden inside. Bath the doll to discover an additional water surprise.

L.O.L. Surprise Fashion Crush features 3 layers of surprises for you and 3 surprises for your L.O.L. doll! To add to the fun, the surprises are in jelly that needs to be crushed. Now fans can update their L.O.L Surprise doll’s wardrobe with numerous outfit choices.

Below is more information on each new range:

LOL Surprise Bling Series

Unbox 7 surprises with each L.O.L Surprise Bling Series doll. L.O.L Surprise Bling Series includes series 2 dolls dressed with tinsel glitter finishes from head to toe. Look for Splash Queen and other fan faves from series 2 in all-new outfits. Each ball doubles as a character stand to display your doll that you can hang anywhere! Feed or bathe your L.O.L Surprise Bling Series doll to discover if she cries, spits, tinkles or colour changes! Collect all 12 characters. RSP: R299.99


L.O.L Surprise Eye Spy Series Under Wraps

L.O.L Surprise Eye Spy Series Under Wraps dolls have 15 new surprises. Unbox the spy glass to find the codes and unlock surprises. Each doll is dressed in a mystery disguise, unbox each layer to discover who’s inside. The disguise becomes multiple fashion accessories. Mix and match outfits for tons of new looks. Collect them all! RSP: R329.99


L.O.L. Surprise Lil Sisters new range

L.O.L. Surprise Lil Sisters offers 5 layers of surprise. Each layer unveils a hint of which L.O.L. Lil Sisters doll you’re going to get. Bath your babies for an additional water surprise! RSP: R199.99


L.O.L. Surprise Fashion Crush

Unbox 3 layers of surprise in L.O.L Surprise Fashion Crush! Crush the jelly to find 3 surprises for your dolls! Update your L.O.L Surprise doll’s wardrobe with never ending outfit choices. RSP: R129.99


L.O.L. Surprise products are available at good toy stores and retailers countrywide.

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