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Katie the Magical Dancing Princess Doll

Music and dance ignites all areas of child development, including motor skills, music appreciation, rhythm, emotional development, social development. Moving to music also assists with the body’s ability to understand surroundings and in so doing, move through space effectively.

Exposing children to music and dance through play is an excellent way for them to not only enjoy themselves but also practice self-expression.

For girls who love to dance, Katie the magical dancing princess doll is an ideal gift. Katie brings dancing to life as she can dance to any music and magically follow the rhythm. Press Katie's enchanted necklace and watch her move to your favourite music, from ballet music to pop music. You can also teach her how to dance. Each doll can be styled with stickers, so girls can customize Katie’s dress in any way they want.

For little girls who love dancing, from ballet to hip-hop to tap and contemporary, the new Katie Dancing Princess doll is the perfect gift.

Katie dolls are available in three styles. Each product includes a Katie Magical Dancing Princess Doll and stickers. Batteries Required: 2 AA batteries. Ideal for ages three and over.

Katie Magical Princess Doll is available at leading toy stores and retailers countrywide.



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