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How to make sure you’ve purchased an authentic Fingerlings product

Hailed a top toy for the 2017 holiday season by the nation's biggest retailers, Fingerlings™ are adorable, mini interactive pet robots that curl around your finger and come to life when you play, responding to sound, motion, and touch with over 40 animations.

So yes, Fingerlings by WowWee are the original primates of the toy jungle, but clearly have a large extended family of fake evil cousins. And I know what you’re thinking: Fingerlings are sold out practically everywhere, so should I just get my kid a knockoff?

It’s important to remember that counterfeit toys do not meet the same quality standards of the real thing, and may ultimately lead to very disappointed kids. And hat happens when your counterfeit Fingerling doesn’t work the way you or your kids expected? Well, there’s no customer service for these fraudulent monkeys, meaning there’s nowhere to turn for help, a refund, or a new toy.

Fake Fingerlings often don’t feature sound or even movement in some cases, they will not respond to kids’ touch the way real Fingerlings do, and some of them even feature unblinking eyes, plastic hair, and low quality paints.

We promise you that waiting for the real Fingerlings to be restocked is totally worth it!

We encourage consumers to be diligent when purchasing Fingerlings, including looking for tell-tale signs of counterfeits - such as spelling errors on the packaging, the improper use of the Fingerlings brand name (e.g. Happy Monkey, Fun Monkey, Finger Monkey, Baby Monkey, etc.), prices that are unusually low, and other details that seem suspicious, such as products with plastic hair or low-quality packaging and products. When purchasing online, consumers should also double check that the product being sold is distributed by Prima Toys South Africa, and is being sold on an authorized and reputable online retailer and not being sold on a third-party seller on the site.

With demand outstripping supply this will lead to copy versions appearing in shops, markets, online stores and auction sites. These copies could be near copies, common names appearing include ‘Baby Monkey’, ‘Happy Monkey’ and ‘Finger Monkey’ or counterfeit versions presented as Fingerlings. These copy and counterfeit versions could have issues with the safety of the product and its use.

How can you spot a fake Fingerling?

Like many other toys before them, Fingerlings have been replicated and are still being sold online to unsuspecting parents.

Here are some things to look out for to best avoid being duped:

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The Prima Toys Team

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