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BABY born® - the perfect friend for your little girl

The BABY born® range continues to expand with exciting products and themes. With accessories ranging from prams, cots and themed playsets there is something for every child’s interests and hobbies.

October will see the launch of Prima Toys’ nationwide BABY born® campaign where little girls can stand a chance to win their share of R100 000 BABY born® dolls and accessories! Go to www.primatoys.co.za or @PrimaToys or https://www.facebook.com/PrimaToys for more information about this exciting competition.

“Children learn to prepare themselves for life when playing. It is therefore important to select the right toys in terms of quality, safety, entertaining designs and educative play value. This is where toys such as BABY born® tick all the requirements. This product isn’t just a toy, it’s an investment into your child’s future,” says Chiquita Patrizi, spokesperson for Prima Toys.

BABY born® – Setting free your child’s imagination

BABY born® dolls have been a girl’s best friend, baby and playmate for 26 years. Even today, with smartphones, gaming consoles and high tech toys, BABY born® is still high up on the Festive Season wish list and continues to be on the most-wanted list for birthday presents.

Playing with dolls remains one of the most popular leisure activities for girls aged four to five. This is one of the key reasons that the BABY born® brand continues to innovate and launch new products into the market, thus maintaining a legacy of creating toys that are great play companions.

Playing with BABY born® has never been more fun, as she can do virtually anything.

The popular BABY born® doll will be available in soft touch this September. She will feature a soft and seamless body, improved movement of arms and legs, and she will cry tears more easily.

The unique doll with nine lifelike functions encourages role-play, where children can set free their imaginations and learn essential social skills such as nurturing, kindness, responsibility and sharing. Emulating real life situations in role-play encourages a child's imagination and not only lets him or her adjust to altered situations with ease but also enables them to prepare for life playfully.

Chiquita Patrizi, spokesperson for Prima Toys is excited to be launching the new range into the South African toy market. “The BABY born® play concept grows with your child and no limits are set in terms of imagination. The success of the brand rests on the premise that it presents one of the most successful play concepts. Sometimes BABY born® is a little baby that needs care and sometimes she is a companion and best friend to a child,” says Patrizi.

Since BABY born® was introduced to the marketplace in 1991, more than 22 million dolls have been sold worldwide. And the fun continues as the brand develops and expands with new, carefully designed accessories. Numerous accessories are included with each doll, these consist of a plate and spoon, a potty, a dummy, a diaper and a sachet of baby doll food. An extensive range of play sets and accessories are also available, including BABY born® Deluxe Outdoor Set, Deluxe Safety Set with Helmet and Romper Collection.

BABY born® is ideal for girls aged three and over. The products are available at good toy stores and retailers countrywide.

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