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8 Ways to Keep Tots Entertained While Travelling

Prima Toys, has some useful tips on how to keep young children calm, happy and occupied on long trips.

Two bored kids in a car

1. Get them excited about the trip

Children generally respond to the tone that is set by their parents. Holidays are exciting and so is the journey. Explain to them what the journey will entail so that you manage their expectations. If you’re flying, prepare them for the thrill of being in the air. If it’s a long car journey, tell them about all the things they’ll see along the way.

2. Keep them occupied

Engage your child’s imagination with toys and games that are age-appropriate. There is nothing more frustrating for a child than to be playing with a toy or a game that is not at his/her level. If a toddler is given a toy that has been designed for a seven-year old he/she will get extremely frustrated. A toddler needs toys that are the right size for their fingers and hands that they can manipulate and play with.

3. Play games together

Make a list of games that can be played together. “Eye spy with my little eye” is a great one for long car trips. Drawing games where someone starts a picture and it then gets passed around from person to person to be added to is a also a good way to pass the time if you’re waiting to board a train or an aeroplane.

4. Keep a pack of cards handy

There are a number of card games on the market for little ones. A pack of cards can be used in a variety of ways – kids can simply look at the picture, they can group same colours or pictures together, you can play snap or any other game that is age-appropriate.

5. Listen to Audio Books

Audio books allow the imagination to soar and will also help to pass the time. If you’re travelling by car, find audio books that are suitable for the whole family. These can be classic stories, fairytales or something brand new.

6. Get Crafty

Pack a simple craft pack for each child. Include pipe-cleaners, a ball of wool and a few strips of coloured paper. Encourage each child to create a piece of jewellery, an animal or any item that will challenge their imagination- from these materials.

7. Stretch your Legs

If you’re travelling by car or public transport, don’t avoid the pit stops. Use these as opportunities to stretch your legs and encourage your children to do the same. Allow each child to be in charge of one stretch session and let them be the instructor. If you’re travelling by plane, make a toilet break count. Let your children walk quietly up and down the aisle and raise their arms over their heads for a good stretch.

8. Pack a surprise

Everyone loves a surprise. A small item wrapped in brightly coloured paper will work wonders when you’ve run out of ideas and your children are bored and fidgety. Explain to them that they will be given their surprise gift when they’re quiet and calm. This is also a good time to encourage a nap- giving parents a break too.

A family in a car

Toys and games can help keep tots entertained while travelling. Below are some examples:

Paw Patrol Playing Cards. Perfect for ages 3 plus.

LeapFrog Count and Crawl Kitty. Perfect for ages 9 months plus

Little Tikes Rainmaker rattle. Made for toddlers sixth months and older.

For older kids, games on handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones are a great way for them to pass time and kee boredom at bay. They can keep themselves entertained by watching webisodes or toy unboxing videos of their favourite brands.



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