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10 Simple tips for creating your awesome toy unboxing video at home!

By now you may have seen that Prima Toys is on the hunt for Very Serious Toy Heroes. You may have submitted your entry demo video or you may be waiting for the perfect opportunity to film your spectacular video. Either way, after you have entered, you may be selected as our Very Serious Toy Hero for any given month.

Very Serious Toy Hero

We want you to blow South Africa’s mind with your super-duper-extra-amazing toy unboxing video and who knows, you could be the next YouTube sensation! So we are going to give you little guidance and advice below on how to create the best video for your toy unboxing.

Be Yourself

The most important rule of all, be yourself. The audience wants to see the real you and your awesome personality. Make sure you take a deep breath and relax before you start. Pretend you are talking to your friends and showing them how cool your awesome new toy is!

Keep It Short & Simple

Timing is everything and your video should be as short as possible whilst still making sure that you cover everything. Now, we said keep it short, but don’t try to rush through everything. Take your time to talk about everything you like and even what you dislike or wish was better but be concise and don’t waffle on.

Unbox It Before Unboxing It

To save time, prepare your package in advance. If there is any tape or wiring that will be most dificult to remove, do it in advance. Make sure you cut neatly so as to keep the box in tack, giving the impression that it is unopened. Try to spend as little time as possible getting the package off in your video, so that you have more time to interact with your exciting toy.

Camera Quality

Video quality is of utmost importance. You don’t have to go out and buy a big expensive camera to achieve this, but if you own one, use it. Smartphones have improved so drastically to date, that you can use any phone with a good camera and your video will still be great. The whole series of The Very Serious Toy Show, on the Prima Toys YouTube channel, was shot using a Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone and an iPhone SE. The important thing is to try and keep the camera as stable as possible while filming- nobody likes to watch a shakey video.

Very Serious Toy Hero Lighting

Once again, you don’t need expensive lighting, reflectors or all that hoo-hah to create an excellent video! Try to use natural day light and avoid filming at night. Make sure you select a spot near a natural light source like a big window. The best times to film during the day are 9am – 11am and 1pm – 3pm. These are the times when the sun is “most friendly”. Make sure your camera is not facing the sun, this may shift focus and make your video look dark.

Big Personality

Try to make your video as fun as possible- it’s toys after all! Be friendly to the camera and your audience and make sure you are smiling whenever possible. People fall in love with people, not products.

Final Touches

Your video is sure to be great but here are a few final tips to put the finishing stamp on your video and make sure it’s perfect.

And there you have it. All the information and tips you need to create your toy unboxing video and become the next YouTube star! Now go on and make yours the most epic toy unboxing video there is!

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For more information go to www.primatoys.co.za or www.Facebook.com/PrimaToys



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