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Smashers - the new collectables craze!

Prima Toys has unveiled its new collectable range Smashers, which is aimed at boys and has a strong sporting theme. The innovative element to the new toy line is that each Smashers character is contained inside a red smashball. This gives way to the super-cool fun element that requires children to smash the ball to reveal the character inside!

Kids get to discover which ones they’ve collected by smashing the smashball open, thanks to a unique and on-trend surprise opening mechanism. Once unboxed, children can battle, collect and score with their Smashers – as each one has its own Smash Point Value. Unboxing remains a huge trend globally and Smashers have cleverly embraced this trend. With the smashball device, the new collectables range takes this trend to an exciting new level. Children will love the thrill of smashing open the surprise smashball to collect the characters.

Series 1 is based on the world’s most popular sports, especially because 2018 will be a year of key sporting events including the FIFA World Cup in June. The range includes both good and bad sport characters, along with rare Sports and Golden Trophies, all of which appear in the Collector’s Guide and Game Sheet that accompanies the toys.

Chiquita Patrizi, spokesperson for Prima Toys explains: “We are extremely excited to launch the new collectables range Smashers! Smashers are not only unique but also very on-trend as they present two elements that children are enjoying – collecting and unboxing. the sports theme also aims to inspire young children to pursue their favourite sports.”

Aimed at both pocket money and birthday money budgets, the range includes the Smashers one pack, three pack, eight pack, and bigger items such as the Collectors Tin and Smashers Team Bus. Available at toy stores and retailers. Ideal for ages 5+ RSP: from R49.99 for a single pack.



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