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Twozies Friends 6 Pack

TwoziesWhere to buyCatalogue Number: 17022"The Twozies have lost their Pet Friends. Now they need your help to come together again! Find and match the babies with their pet friends and display them in they cute shadow boxes. The ""Friends Pack"" contains 3 Babies and 3 Pet friends! But whose pet will you get? Two pets are hidden inside as well as one hidden baby! Keep your two eyes open for the Limited Edition ""Two Precious"" metallic Twozies! There are over 140 Twozies who need your help to be matched. Because everything's Better... Two-gether!


  • 3 x Babies
  • 3 x Pet
  • 1 x Collector's Guide"
Twozies Friends 6 PackTwozies Friends 6 Pack
Twozies Friends 6 Pack