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Battle of the Sexes

Spin GamesCatalogue Number: SM-EEN-6019499

Successfully Earn Three Trophies And Lead Your Team To Victory! Battle Of The Sexes Is The Outrageously Fun Way To Finally Answer The Question: Which Sex Is Superior, Male Or Female? Battle Of The Sexes Is Packed With 880 Questions Or Actions Divided Into Five Outrageous Card Categories For Five Times The Fun! Claim Victory

  • You'll never understand them, so you might as well defeat them in battle of the sexes! This hilarious adult trivia game pits men vs the woman in the ultimate showdown!
  • Packed with pictures, trivia, and ridiculous challenges, this game is a must have for any sized group or gathering - whether it's a party, game night or just a couples' night in.
  • Made for 4 or more players in teams ages 12+
  • 220x Cards With 880 Questions/Actions
  • 3x Decision Cards
  • 1 x Game Board
  • 3x Female Challenge Tokens
  • 3x Male Challenge Tokens
  • 5x Trophies
  • 1x Instruction Guide
Battle of the SexesBattle of the SexesBattle of the SexesBattle of the Sexes
Battle of the Sexes