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#Snapstar Echo

SnapstarCatalogue Number: 27800Echo loves makeup, hair and nails—she shows her followers how to achieve any look from gothic punk to fairy-tale princess!
Glitter, shimmer, sparkle, metallic… Echo was born to SHINE! Although she is a natural beauty, Echo loves playing around with false lashes, stick-on gems and color contacts!
ECHO - Bedazzled Babe!

Free downloadable SNAPSTAR STUDIO APP that allows girls to style and customize their SNAPSTAR's hair, make-up, eye color and shape, accessories and background scene!
15 points of articulation that allows for striking just about any pose!
Inserted glass-like eyes!
Changeable hairstyles!

  • 1 x 25cm doll
  • 1 x interchangeable hairstyle
  • 1 x fashion and matching accessory
  • Adjustable doll stand and foldable screen
#Snapstar Echo#Snapstar Echo
#Snapstar Echo