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#Snapstar Aspen

SnapstarCatalogue Number: 27801Aspen loves photography and will go out of her way to get the perfect pic!
To her, life is an adventure and she wants to capture all the beauty that she can!
This boho babe is all about her oversized sunnies, ruffled skirts and fringed booties!
She prefers a more natural makeup look and usually opts for clear or nude polish on her nails!

Free downloadable SNAPSTAR STUDIO APP that allows girls to style and customize their SNAPSTAR's hair, make-up, eye color and shape, accessories and background scene!
15 points of articulation that allows for striking just about any pose!
Inserted glass-like eyes!
Changeable hairstyles!
ASPEN #wanderlust

  • 1 x 25cm doll
  • 1 x interchangeable hairstyle
  • 1 x fashion and matching accessory
  • Adjustable doll stand and foldable screen
#Snapstar Aspen#Snapstar Aspen
#Snapstar Aspen