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Poppit with Clay!

Making things from clay is a fun and fulfilling activity. Playing with clay is stimulating and therapeutic at the same time. It sparks the imagination and assists with the development of fine and gross motor skills.

For girls who enjoy making things with clay, they will be delighted to know that Poppit is the fun, easy way to create with clay!

Clay is a wonderful way for children to shape their play and environment according to their own ideas and imagination. It encourages experimenting with colour, size and shape. It helps in improving dexterity and strengthens both fine and gross motor skills. It is also an excellent sensory development activity.

Manipulating clay and creating something with it provides a wonderful sense of accomplishment. It is also the type of play that can be done individually or in a group. As much as group play is necessary for the development of social skills, knowing how to play by yourself is also an important life skill; and having the ability to be content playing alone is an excellent competency.


Children, especially girls, who enjoy manipulating clay to make beautiful things will become huge fans of Poppit. With Poppit sets, girls, especially those aged between five and fifteen, can create mini cakes, cool accessories, cute puppies and all sorts of small stuff. The mini world of Poppit allows children to create and decorate however they wish. Their imaginations can run wild!

Each set includes four different coloured clays and twelve different Poppit moulds, a Poppit popper, Poppit tool, dropper, texture stamp as well as lots of pieces to use as decoration. The set also includes sprinkles, beads and gems.

For more information go to http://www.primatoys.co.za/poppit



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