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Addictive new board game, Hotel Tycoon, is a hit!

This weekend, if the weather entices you to stay indoors, why not try your hand at a new board game called Hotel Tycoon?

Hotel Tycoon is a game in which hotel tycoons try to buy and build the best hotels in the world and compete for guests. The game caters for two to four players and is a great character revealer! Even the most demure of people will reveal their tycoon side when the dice roll.

The aim of the game is for players to try to buy and build the best hotels, earn the most money or bankrupt their opponents. A successful hotel consists of three components: the land on which it's built, the hotel buildings, and the entrances by which guests arrive in the hotels. All three components need to be bought separately with game money. Money is earned when players end up on one of the entrances of an hotels, after their dice roll. The more luxurious the hotel, the more money a player needs to pay the hotel owner. The game money can be used to build extensions to existing hotels, buy new entrances or pay other players when you arrive at their hotels.

Touted as the addictive new game for budding real estate magnates, Hotel Tycoon will have players building 3-D hotels and trying to bankrupt their opponents just for the sake of saying “I’ve won”. Quite a fun way to pass a rainy weekend, wouldn’t you say?

Hotel Tycoon is available at retailers and toy stores.



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