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Leapfrog Number Crunchin' Squirrel

LeapFrogBuy onlineCatalogue Number: 42805

Feed the hungry squirrel treats to explore counting, colours and early math concepts. Then press his tail to send them soaring.


  • Feed him: Place a coin into the squirrel’s mouth and hear him count each yummy acorn as it drops into his belly bank and aligns with the number line.
  • Coin slot: Press the squirrel’s tail to release a coin from the slot at the bottom and remove acorn coins one at a time.
  • Nose button: Press his nose to hear funny squirrel phrases.
  • 3 Modes:
    • Number Mode: Count how many he’s eaten
    • Colour Mode: Colour identification
    • Learn Mode: Add and subtract acorns as squirrel asks
Leapfrog Number CrunchinLeapfrog Number CrunchinLeapfrog Number CrunchinLeapfrog Number Crunchin
Leapfrog Number Crunchin