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Gabby's Dollhouse - Floating Art

Gabby's DollhouseCatalogue Number: 88390

Officialy licensed Gabby'S Dollhouse Floating Art Gabby's Dollhouse Floating Art Doll is the perfect friend to have floating along with you as you splash and play at the swimming pool, beach or lake! This kid pool toy floats on its own and will always stay upright even when tipped over by rough water, so you don't have to chase after it as you play. The Mercat figure is easy to carry, making it perfect for pool party favors, pool party supplies and travel, allowing you to can play endless pool games for hours of outdoor fun. These swim toys are perfectly suited to also be used at the beach, lake and are even fun for role playing on dry land or in your room.


  1. Draw with the special markers.
  2. Dip into water.
  3. See the your drawings float!


  • Markers, Ceramic spoon and stencils