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CurliGirls 2 Dolls With Pet

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Catalogue Number: 70862Straight or curly? CurliGirls dont have to choose! Brand new CurliGirls dolls feature MagiCurl hair that curls instantly when you pull it. Magicurl is a new patented "magical" material known for its exceptional elasticity and strength, able to withstand 3 times tension when you pull. The longer you pull, the tighter the curl its so easy! Curl with your fingers, or easy styling tools, then accessorize with hair clips and beads. Ready to change it up? Dip hair in warm water and watch it magically straighten! Then style and restyle over and over again. The styling possibilities are endless.

2x Doll
1x Curling Tool
1x Straightening Tool
2x Thematic Hair Clip
12x Beads
9x Bands
4x Hair Spiral
1x Temperature Label
CurliGirls 2 Dolls With Pet