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Build A Bot - Puppy

Build A BotWhere to buyCatalogue Number: 72158

Create your very own adorable Puppy!

Build a Bot Puppy is easy to make. Follow the instructions to assemble your character, personalise with stickers then clap your hands and your Puppy will move and make sounds! Build a Bot Puppy will even bark for you!


Build your own character from over 20+ pieces
Cute characters for any child
Personalise your creation with a variety of stickers
Take apart and reassemble, or mix and match your characters
Unique click ‘n’ create system
Built in sounds (3 unique sounds per character)


Brings S.T.E.M. learning to children by building their very own working character, learning about gears, electric power and robotics.
Gives children confidence to take apart and play with mechanical parts, to create a strong grasp of technology.
Hands on, activity focused to create real learning experiences .

Pack includes:

  • 20+ Puppy pieces
  • 1 x Sticker Sheet
  • 1 x Build Certificate
  • 1 x Learning Guide
Build A Bot - PuppyBuild A Bot - PuppyBuild A Bot - PuppyBuild A Bot - PuppyBuild A Bot - PuppyBuild A Bot - Puppy
Build A Bot - Puppy