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Robo Chameleon

SilverlitWhere to buyCatalogue Number: 41984

Move, Aim and Catch! A Robot Chameleon that can Shoot the tongue out and snap up the “food”!


3 Steps catching:

  1. Walk your Robot Chameleon to the “food” by remote control
  2. Aim the target!
  3. Press “catch” on the remote

Remote control tongue:
Built-in extendable tongue to “catch” the “food”.

LED Illuminated body:
With multiple colour light change

Motorized eyes & tails:
The Robot Chameleon’s eyes and tail will move when it walks

Treasure box design:
The Robot Chameleon’s mouth is full of collected “food”.

Robo ChameleonRobo ChameleonRobo ChameleonRobo ChameleonRobo Chameleon
Robo Chameleon